Evening SUn

This evening at the beach, two minutes from our front door.


New Birds

As you know, I love wildlife in general and birds especially. The last time we went up to Lossit Point and the Gauldrons I saw two species I’d never seen in the feather before. Redshanks and ringed plovers. I feel so lucky to have this all on my doorstep.

There were also many oyster catchers and hooded crows.

And loads and loads of gulls!



There’s a pheasant wandering around in the fields behind us. Every so often I can hear its croaking call.I don’t know if it’s a male or female, but I’m guessing, as Spring is in the air, it’s looking for a mate.

A few months ago a pheasant was marching up and down outside our fence at the front. He kept this up for around an hour before taking wing and disappearing. I found him later that evening, settled down behind the oil tank.

We really are spoiled for birds here. I have learned so much just by looking out the back garden. Starlings are still my favourite, but I love dunnocks too. At first glance they’re just wee brown things, but closer inspection reveals shades of silver grey. Pretty wee things.


Somewhere under a rainbow…

We’ve had a run of stormy weather recently. Unlike the rest of the country, however, we’ve had no snow and this entire winter has seen maybe two mornings of frost. i never cease to be amazed at how the Gulf Stream keeps us so mild that palm trees grow. I look out my window to see a huge palm in the neighbour’s garden opposite.

I managed to take some photographs between showers today. No matter the weather, the beach looks amazing.


Yesterday I was delighted to see several dunnocks in the garden. Sweet little birds.