Somewhere under a rainbow…

We’ve had a run of stormy weather recently. Unlike the rest of the country, however, we’ve had no snow and this entire winter has seen maybe two mornings of frost. i never cease to be amazed at how the Gulf Stream keeps us so mild that palm trees grow. I look out my window to see a huge palm in the neighbour’s garden opposite.

I managed to take some photographs between showers today. No matter the weather, the beach looks amazing.


Yesterday I was delighted to see several dunnocks in the garden. Sweet little birds.




Living so close to the sea you’d think that most of the visitors to my garden would be seabirds, but we are lucky enough to have a wide variety of wildlife coming in. Since today is the RSPB Big Bird Count, I thought I’d share with you some of the birds I regularly see at the feeders which hang from the rowan tree in the garden.

web-18Today’s count is as follows:

  • House Sparrows: 30+ (I lost count but we have so many of these wee birds)
  • Starlings: 5
  • Dunnets: 4
  • Chaffinch: 5
  • Robin: 1
  • Jackdaw: 6
  • Great Tit: 1
  • Blue Tit: 1

How lucky am I? I can look out the kitchen window and see all these birds every day. There is one wee leuconic House Sparrow which has gained quite a bit of colour since I first spotted him as a juvenile during the summer. He’s still a lot paler than the rest, but some of the tell-tale markings are there.

And, as if this wasn’t enough, there is a Wild Bird Sanctuary a mile of so along the road from me – easy walking distance if you are half-way fit. In the hide there I saw Greenfinches and Goldfinch¬†as well as several types of gull. An amazing place to visit.

If you have an interest in birds and wildlife, I couldn’t recommend living in Machrihanish more highly.

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